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10 Perfect IG Posts for Self-Care Inspiration

Tired? Stressed? Ready to let it all go and start putting yourself first? Let’s do it, mama. Get started with these 10 self-care inspiration posts we totally love.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and sometimes just a simple image can break you out of your stickiness and headed down the right path. These self-care inspiration posts are meant to help you jump-start your self-care practice ASAP.

(Just a quick heads up that this post might contain affiliate links to things I love.)

self-care inspiration

Self-Care Inspiration #1: The Bath

It’s probably the most quintessential (or stereotypical) form of self-care that we see, hear, and talk about. But there’s a reason for it!

While a bubble bath can’t make up for all those lost hours of sleep, it is a nice place to recharge and pamper yourself a little bit.

Bonus points if you amp it up a bit with some fancy candles or bath bombs, but my personal fav is just some salt and maybe lavender essential oils.

Self-Care Inspiration #2: How are you speaking to yourself?

It has taken me years and years to start to notice the patterns of thought inside of my own head.

I can’t believe how many times I used to (and still do sometimes) speak negatively to myself about myself. I was so mean.

The real reason? I was just replaying loops in my mind of other people’s judgments or perceived judgments about me. I’m not perfect at avoiding this, but I’ve gotten a lot better at noticing when I’m doing it.

Self-Care Inspiration #3: Think about what type of self-care you need

Did you know there are different types of self-care?

In this article, I break down 6 different types of self-care, plus some self-care ideas on what you can do to promote each type.

I think so many times self-care seems underwhelming and not all that helpful because we choose which type based on other people’s recommendations vs. what we truly need.

Self-Care Inspiration #4: Beyond the bubble bath

Sometimes self-care is about indulgence. Sometimes it’s about being disciplined to do what you know you need vs. what you want. Sometimes it’s saying no to everyone and just being alone.

There are million and one ways to practice self-care, and it might be different for you every single day.

These are just a few of the ideas that might work best for you.

Self-Care Inspiration #5: Be mindful

If I could boil down successful self-care down to one single idea it would be the idea that it is truly about knowing yourself.

You have to know yourself, your own needs, and how to care for yourself or else it will just fall flat and be some bullshit practice you follow through because you feel like you should.

Mindfulness is in and of itself a great self-care practice, but it is also essential to find that quiet place inside that is the real you. That way to can access your self and your true needs.

Self-Care Inspiration #6: Let’s talk about nails

Besides bubble baths, it’s the mani/pedi’s we talk about all the time.

For many women, this just isn’t a huge priority or something that fills them up. And for me? Sometimes it’s on the list and sometimes it’s not.

But I especially love this IG image below. It just feels indulgent in all the best ways possible. It’s beautiful. It’s turning you, your body, into a piece of art.

What is better self-care than that?

Self-Care Inspiration #7: Self-LOVE is essential

I feel like the real difference between self-love and self-care can feel like a matter of semantics.

But the truth is you can take all the baths and naps and get all the mani’s in the world, but if you aren’t taking care of yourself emotionally and loving yourself, then what’s the point?

It’s hard to truly love yourself in a world that constantly wants to point out your “flaws.”

But for me, I eventually got so freaking tired of judging myself based on some bullshit standards someone else made up that I had to let it go.

And of course, it usually relates to body image for so many of us. It’s been a long process, but I’ve finally accepted and started truly loving my body. What about you?

Self-Care Inspiration #8: Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

I talked above about really knowing yourself and choosing what you really NEED and is truly loving for yourself, but we how about how we need to also prioritize that love?

My cheat for this is that I’ve created routines and rituals over the last year that I complete most mornings. It’s almost on autopilot at this point.

But I’ve made a point to start my day with self-care. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Self-Care Inspiration #9: Try a new perspective

Just as you love your kids unconditionally, they love you like that.

It is through this unconditional love that I really started being able to see myself in that light. As someone who deserved love.

Once I saw that I was able to give myself the love I so desperately needed.

Self-Care Inspiration #10: Make it a challenge

Want to make self-care a priority? Try a challenge.

Completing a 30-day challenge requires effort and discipline, but it can be totally transformative. Even if not all the activities really jive with you, that’s ok. Just the very fact that you commit to doing 30 things for yourself in 30 days is massive!

Give it a try.

Think about these 10 self-care inspiration posts from IG and see if any really fit your needs or give you a new perspective. Let me know in the comments below! Then check out this post all about how I’ve developed a self-care routine for myself, even with 3 kids!

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