what kind of pregnancy test should i buy

What Kind Of Pregnancy Test Should I Buy?

Might be pregnant and wondering “what kind of pregnancy test should I buy?” We’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about the best pregnancy test to buy and how to get the most accurate results.

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I’m going to share my absolute favorite pregnancy test, and also some important info to help ensure you get the most accurate pregnancy test. Plus, how to be sure you are testing at the best time for results you can trust. So you can answer the question for yourself on what kind of pregnancy test should I buy, AND get our opinion on the best and most reliable.

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How early can you tell if you’re pregnant?

It isn’t common but some people just feel pregnant within days of conception. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, maybe some are just more sensitive to what’s happening in their womb, but the vast majority of people will not be able to tell they’re pregnant until they get that first positive pregnancy test. Even for those who have an early sense that they might be pregnant it is more of a knowing and vibe than true symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms typically won’t start popping up until around the time of your missed period or after, which is about the same time you might get a positive pregnancy test.

When to take a pregnancy test

Ideally, you want to wait until your missed period to get the most accurate results, but I know that isn’t easy.

I know when I was trying to get pregnant I started taking tests just a few days after ovulation squinting until I was cross-eyed trying to see a second line.

I guess that gave me something to do during the dreaded two-week wait between ovulation and your missed period, but it also sometimes adds extra stress and definitely wastes money.

But if you absolutely can’t wait, some tests can start to sense increases in pregnancy hormones around 8 days after ovulation.

What is the best early pregnancy test?

I’ve been in quite a few trying to conceive (TTC) groups when I was trying to get pregnant, and the general consensus is that most moms love First Response, and specifically the First Response Early Response (FRER).

This test claims to be able to tell if you are pregnant up to 6 days before your missed period!

From personal experience, I can confirm that I did get accurate positives at least a few days before my missed period with the First Response Early Response.

Which brand of pregnancy test is most accurate?

According to a consumer study, moms also love the First Response Early Response for its accuracy as well as the sensitivity.

However, other studies have shown that pretty much all the tests on the market are in and of themselves very accurate.

The thing that isn’t accurate is the user.

So be sure you follow the instructions to the letter and any test you choose should give you an accurate result.

For some moms who want it to be as simple as possible, you can try a digital test like the Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test which says either “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

Are the cheap pregnancy tests accurate?

If you use them properly, yes.

Over the counter pregnancy tests are 99% accurate once you hit that first day of your missed period, no matter which test you choose.

This article points out that even the more expensive tests that claim to give you earlier results don’t guarantee 99% accuracy until you’ve missed your period.

So it’s up to you really whether you want to save some cash on cheaper tests or go with the more expensive. Neither has been proven to be more or less effective. Though sometimes the more expensive tests may have a nicer or more convenient design.

Sometimes the answer to what kind of pregnancy test should I buy is a matter of budget! There a ton of great choices on Amazon for cheap test. You can get up to 50 test strips for less than $15! I haven’t personally tried them, but if I am ever trying to conceive again, I probably will! Most of us just can’t help but pee on a billion and one strips out of anticipation or excitement.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

You’re probably wondering, how soon after unprotected can i test for pregnancy?

You can test whenever you want, but if you are pregnant, then you should get a positive test by the time you’ve missed your period. Some might get a positive pregnancy test before a missed period, but the closer you get to the expected period date, the more accurate the test will be.

Here’s the deal. Once an egg is fertilized it takes time for it to travel down the fallopian tube to the uterus where it will implant. It is only after implantation that your body starts to create HCG, the hormone that pregnancy tests look for.

So it’s going to be days until you even start producing the hormone needed to get a positive test. After that, your hormone levels will rise rapidly, but it could still take until around the time of your missed period for the hormone levels to be high enough to get an accurate test.

The earliest some women get an accurate test would be around 8 days past ovulation, or around 6 days before your period. Before that, a positive test is very unlikely, and even at that point, it’s very easy to get a false negative.

What is our favorite test?

I love the First Response Early Response. It’s one of the more expensive ones, but I love the design and the feel of it. It has also always given me accurate results once I hit the testing window.

When you’re testing for pregnancy you want results fast and accurate, and be able to know what kind of pregnancy test should I buy so you can save money and peace of mind.

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Where to buy a pregnancy test

Most drugstores, grocery stores, and big chain stores like Target or Walmart carry pregnancy tests. There are also tons of places online to order pregnancy tests from like Amazon.

So let us know in the comments, which pregnancy test is your favorite? Did you answer the question what kind of pregnancy test should I buy?

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