Blaaah… another self-care article? YES MAMA. Because I know you aren’t taking care of yourself as well as you could, and the reason is that you don’t have a self-care plan!

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, cost a lot of money, or require a babysitter. If you create the right self-car plan FOR YOU, it’s much more doable.

Self-Care Plan Step #1: Start with thinking about what types of self-care you need most

The problem is that you’ve been trying to do self-care based on what other people think are must-do self-care practices. But in order for it to be worth it, and actually worth your time and effort, self-care needs to be customized and individualized just for you.

Did you know there are actually 6 types of self-care? They are:

  1. Physical self-care
  2. Emotional self-care
  3. Social self-care
  4. Mental self-care
  5. Practical self-care
  6. Spiritual self-care

To read all about the different types of self-care check out this article.

There are tons of different self-care practices depending on what type of self-care is most needed. So to get started on your own self-care plan, take a second to decide where you are feeling depleted and where you’re doing ok.

So maybe you’ve been doing great with your physical self-care, but can’t remember the last time you had a date night or called your sister. That means you need to work on social self-care.

Self-Care Plan Step #2: What lights you up?

Take some time to sit down with yourself, a pen, and some paper. You could take an hour or even just 5 minutes depending how much time you can manage. Then just brain dump all the things you WANT to do, that you love to do, but you just don’t prioritize.

What are the things that light you up, make you feel amazing?

Maybe you’ve lots a bit of your identity since becoming a mom? Maybe you need to reconnect with who you are?

It’s possible you don’t even remember what lights you up.

Start with who you were as a kid. Did you love drawing? Coloring? Playing sports? Maybe being in nature?

Try an activity the 10 year old you would have loved and see if that sparks some joy. If so, add that to your list for your self-care plan.

Self-Care Plan Step #3: What would you tell yourself to do if you were your own mom?

Ok, we did the fun stuff, now time for the super practical.

The key component of a self-care plan for me is thinking about the practical things, and really thinking about parenting myself.

If I were my own mom, what would I do? What would I make myself do?

This is where discipline comes in.

Remember to take my vitamins isn’t super sexy, but it is super helpful for me in maintaining my energy and mental health.

Making that dental appointment isn’t fun, but I gotta do it.

So look back at the list you have going so far and look at it as if you’re your own mom. What needs added?

Is there anything you need to take off?

Sometimes I add things to my list of to-do’s because it seems like a good self-care practice, but really it is indulging my not-so-good self. You know the one that tells you to binge eat because you deserve to treat yourself, but it isn’t treating yourself… it just leads to more self-loathing.

So be real about what you really need vs. what your old bad habits say you need.

Self-Care Plan Step #4: Schedule it out

Take the items on your list and create a self-care plan that you can schedule out.

I’ll give you my own personal list.

I’ve recently decided to have a “power hour” in the mornings.

This is when I get all my self-care done. I have 7 things I do for 7 minutes each that lead to me feeling as if I do nothing else that day, I feel productive.

7×7 is 49 totally minutes… not exactly an hour, but I budget an hour for it in my day because #momlife. I always have to pause at some point to get someone a snack or drink or some breastmilk. So I give myself a cushion.

But the point is that I have all the most important self-care items for my to-do list scheduled out so I actually do them.

If you don’t make the time, it isn’t really a self-care plan, is it?

Self-Care Plan Step #5: Accountability

How will you hold yourself accountable? This is a major issue for a lot of people whether they are creating a self-care plan or trying to reach any goal they set for themselves.

What do you have in place to hold yourself accountable?

This could be a self-care plan buddy. Someone you tell about your plans so that they will hold you accountable.

But for me, I do my best to hold myself accountable.

I simply have a tracking system in my journal where I have my self-care plan listed out. Then each day I mark whether or not I completed the task I set for myself.

Every week or month I can see whether I did all of the self-care tasks I set for myself, and who often I accomplished them.

This is data. Important data. I can track how often I did the self-care plan and then also whether it made a difference.

We don’t do self-care for shits and giggles. We do it because it has a positive impact on our lives.

Tracking your self-care isn’t just about holding yourself accountable. It’s also about making sure that what you think you should be doing is actually the best choice for you.

Now you’ve got it, mama. The steps to create your own self-care plan. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got one, or not.

Then you can learn more about creating a self-care plan and why self-care is so important with these 8 self-care articles all moms need to read.

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