Looking for rainbow toys for toddlers, or even older kids, that will add some color to their space? These toys are cool enough that you won’t need to hide them away in bins, and they don’t blare kiddie tunes that get stuck in your head allllll day.

These 10 rainbow toys for toddlers and older kids too are so colorful and fun!

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These wooden rainbows are gorgeous as an added touch in a baby’s room or anywhere in the home really! Super cute AND educational fun great for stacking and building.

Classic stacking toy, this one is extra special because it is made of wood and visually appealing vs. a plastic stacker. 

Toddlers LOVE these little peg dolls because they are just the right size for their little hands, and older kids love to make believe with them too!

Help your kids learn to count with this hands-on toy that is super colorful with the rainbow of colors.

Work on those motor skills and color skills for your future STEM junkie.

Just to add a little nostalgia, who remembers Rainbow Brite?

The most adorable little tin tea set with not only rainbows, but unicorns too!

What are your favorite rainbow toys for toddlers? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below!