By: Iman Gatti

Have you forgotten…

Who you were before the chaos?

Before everything you did was questioned and scrutinized.

Before the stakes were so high.

Before all of this emerging and transforming. This tearing down and rebuilding.

Before you became a mother.

Before you stepped back into the shadows so that your own children could stand in the sunlight.

Before you let the voices of others try and guide you.

Strangers who constantly seem so sure that they have what you’ve needed all along.

They come with their advice and you leave with your doubt.

Don’t you remember who you are?

After shedding so many skins and breaking only to heal yourself just in time for the next moment that you are needed. Again. And again.

Oh, and how they need you. All of you. Constant expecting and asking and touching and devouring. Of you.

But, oh how they love you. And crave you and ache for you: all of you.

Their earth. The only home they’ve ever known.

And you would do anything and everything and die and be reborn a thousand more times and endure every hardship and punishment if only to save them and protect them and love them.

Because that is what you do. With all of you.

You were chosen.

You’ve been called.

And you always answer. Always.

Time and again.

And the aching and yearning and longing will never cease.

The questioning and wondering.

The weariness.

It’s always yours. Always.

You sacrifice it all to nourish your soul’s work.

But you can never sacrifice your knowing.

Your intuition.
Your heart.
Your motherhood.

Because those pieces are a part of you. Parts of them.

You haven’t lost who you are…

You have expanded and transformed and become. More.

Your hearts are fused together for this lifetime and the next.

Do not forget your magic.

Do not forget what you are capable of.

Do not believe that others know your heart more than you.

Or that anyone else can understand who you are and what is needed more than you.

Because you are the vessel that transported pieces of heaven to earth.

This is your mission.

Bringer of life. Healer of wounds. Knower of hearts.

You are all the wisdom they need.

You are all the strength they require.

You are ever theirs.

Forge forward, fall forward, fail forward…just keep your eyes forward and Love on, mamma.

Because this is exactly who you are. Always.

IMAN GATTI, author of Cracked Open – Never Broken, is an empowerment coach, transformational speaker, and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist™.

Through her work, she helps people overcome self-limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and step fully into their limitless potential.

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