Morning sickness keeping you down? These first trimester must haves are absolutely essential for all the mamas out there struggling.

This is a list of all the pregnancy essentials for first trimester morning sickness. That nausea, exhaustion, acid reflux, worrying, and more is seriously no joke. But these 12 awesome morning sickness remedies and first trimester essentials will help you totally survive the first trimester (aka the worst trimester).

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Getting over that (all day) morning sickness…

As I type this out, my body remembers what it felt like to simultaneously feel like throwing up and eating a giant cheeseburger with a little acid reflux thrown on top. At times I wondered how I’d survive that first trimester morning sickness, but these pregnancy must-haves for first trimester were so helpful.

Nausea, exhaustion, back pain. These are just some of the lovely symptoms of pregnancy. The first trimester can be brutal, and I know from experience! While writing this I officially crossed into the second trimester of my second pregnancy and I wanted to share with you my first trimester survival list. The items that were essential to me making it through the last 12 weeks with my sanity marginally in tact.

If you click on the image below you can find all of these items on Amazon. I created a nice little list for you to grab all the items from the first trimester survival list for you or a pregnant friend who will owe you big time if you hook her up with this list!

As a quick disclaimer… be sure to check with your midwife or doctor before using these items. I personally used all of these in consultation with my midwifery, but each pregnancy is unique. Take care of yourself and do your best to nourish your body.

And one more disclaimer… this are affiliate links, which means if you purchase something from this list I get a small commission at NO extra cost to you. 🙂


 Since just getting off the couch or the bathroom floor can seem like a Herculean task while dealing with morning (or all day) sickness, going to the grocery store is almost impossible.

Luckily, you can now order all of your ingredients from Amazon Fresh and have it delivered directly to you home!

This service is such a life-saver, and now that Amazon and Whole Foods are one, there’s even more organic and healthy options!

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 Some moms swear by these babies! And since they are pretty cheap and easy to use, they are definitely worth a try.

 You just slip these bands onto your wrists and a little plastic piece puts pressure on a point on your wrist that has been known to reduce nausea. 

I’ve personally used them and while they didn’t totally eliminate morning sickness, it definitely helped! 

Find them on Amazon here.


 Ginger can help with lots of belly problems including nausea and heartburn.

These chews in particular do work, but they are also very spicy! So if spice isn’t your thing, you may want to skip these. 

But they did provide me with some much needed relief during that first trimester while I had this weird mix of acid reflux and nausea that was uber annoying.

You can find them here on Amazon.


 More delicious ginger. 

This soda is addictive and sooo good. Plus it has REAL ginger in it, not just “natural flavors” like you see in so many ginger sodas, like traditional ginger ale. 

Ensuring that you have REAL ginger in your ginger soda is key in making sure it is not just healthier, but actually effective. 

This was by far my fav ginger soda during the first trimester.

Buy a 12-pack to try on Amazon here. 


I know we are all worried about stretch marks, and from what I’ve heard the best way to prevent them is with vitamin E from very early on.

But I won’t lie. I totally got stretch marks from the last pregnancy.

This body oil however does make your skin super soft, and the lemony scent helps with nausea.


Scent can be sooo helpful in combating that nausea, and this bright lemon scent is absolutely lovely.

Try it here. 


My heartburn wouldn’t allow me to drink anything besides water and my nausea wouldn’t allow me to drink too much water.

So to mix it up a little I had my husband make me some sweet tea with honey out of this Pregnancy Tea, and it was divine. It was delicious and has all the recommended herbs for pregnancy.

One thing to note is it does include raspberry leaf, which some doctors don’t recommend in the first trimester. My midwife was fine with it for me, but you may want to check for yourself.

Try it here. 


Sour candies are a great remedy for morning sickness, and Preggie Pop Drops helped me so much during certain periods of my first trimester.

These are delicious and absolutely a must-have on any morning sickness checklist. 

The sour taste cuts through the nausea and can give you some relief really quickly.

Check them out here. 


 You wouldn’t expect a ton of back pain this early in pregnancy, but for me, I started having sciatic and round ligament pain at around 8 weeks. The hormones that start allowing your ligaments to relax in prep for birth can start pretty early making sleep during pregnancy a little rough.

Plus you know you will absolutely need one of these bad boys at some point, so go ahead and get comfy right now.

Find it on Amazon here.


I had never heard that magnesium deficiency was a thing, but when I asked friends in a Facebook group for their tips to get rid of morning sickness a few told me to get more magnesium in my life.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of why/how magnesiums deficiencies can cause morning sickness (though I did see in an article that it can contribute to preeclampsia). I do know that when I started take daily baths with magnesium oil and/or flakes, I felt better.

All you do is add a cup or two to a bath or foot soak and enjoy for 30+minutes.

Grab some here.


These bad boys are like Tums, but better!

Papaya Enzymes are my BFF in the first trimester because they help with both the nausea and heartburn. 

Must-have for sure!

Find them here on Amazon.


Unisom and B6 vitamins

These prenatal vitamins are not totally huge horse pills like some brands. Plus, they are plant based, non-GMO, and very gentle on the stomach. So you can actually keep them down

Click here to find Unisom and B6.


Prenatal Vitamins and DHA

These prenatal vitamins are not totally huge horse pills like some brands. Plus, they are plant based, non-GMO, and very gentle on the stomach. So you can actually keep them down


If I’m being honest, the only surefire way of relieving those unfortunate morning sickness symptoms is to go ahead and give birth. BUT for most moms, they will start to feel better by the end of the first trimester. (Though is SLEEP is the thing keeping you feeling like crap, check out these awesome sleep tips during pregnancy and find out my routine for getting a good night’s rest even when I’m uncomfortable in pregnancy.)

Keep these first trimester must haves handy will help ease that wait though. Congrats mama! Hang in there, and you’ll get through this first trimester.

PS – Find more awesome first trimester morning sickness remedies on our curated Pinterest board!

First Trimester Must Haves for Morning Sickness