Cabin fever is brutal during the winter, but having some super fun indoor winter activities for kids on standby can help a mom out in a pinch.

I literally just spent this entire day feeling like I was losing my damn mind. I had kids crying, whining, watching too much TV, snacking nonstop, and just being all around pains in the ass. I’m in desperate need of some indoor winter activities for kids.

So I sat down and made a list of 8 things I can do with the kids to help with this cabin fever, and get them out of my hair for at least a few precious moments.

When the weather is decent, I usually bundle them up for a walk or just let them roam our backyard. If I’m feeling adventurous we will go for a hike, the local park, or maybe even a museum. But lately, the weather is so wet and chilly that I just want to stay bundled up inside my nice warm home.

Indoor activities it is then!

One big piece of advice I have though… prepare ahead of time. Don’t just pin this article to come back to later, because chances are when you actually NEED an activity you’ll be too frazzled and annoyed to do it with any joy.

Instead of waiting until the kids are climbing the walls to get things prepped, do it now! Like today, or this week. Then you’ll have all the activities ready to go.

Indoor Snowball Fight

This is seriously fun. It makes you feel like a little kid again.

You can either DIY some snowballs by making pom-poms out of yarn, or you can get fancy and order a kit off of Amazon.

But basically it’s just a bunch of snowballs made of soft materials safe to toss around indoors.

I made pom-pom snowballs, and while the making of them is a little tedious, it was definitely worth it! Using a pom-pom making I got for cheap off of Amazon made it a little easier and faster, but you can do it with just your hands or a piece of cardboard too.

Once done, just divvy up the balls and go at it!

Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Painting

I had never done this type of painting until I found it while researching Waldorf education, where it is ├╝ber popular.

You just take some watercolor paper, soak it in water for about 10 minutes, then lay it flat on a painting board and go to town with painting.

I like to just give my kids 1-3 colors at a time, and I only give them primary colors (blue, red, yellow). By limiting the color choice they have, they will naturally learn how just a few colors can blend together to make many other colors! So fun.

Even my 2-year-olds paint with us and have been since about 18-20ish months. For them, I just give them each one color to play with.

When you put watercolor on wet paper is moves around and makes cool patterns. Easy and fun.

I love this tutorial from Sundays with Sarah on YouTube.

Bake or Cook Together

Even if your kids are still pretty small they can help in the kitchen.

My 5-year-old can make popcorn from scratch in the air popper, toast for herself and her brothers with butter and honey, and she even cuts up fruit herself.

The 2-year-olds have started learning to cut with safe crinkle cutters. Their skills are pretty rough, but it’s a start.

Winter is such a great time for baking because the warm oven heats up the house and the scents are so cozy and welcoming. Talk about embracing some hygge this winter. This is an essential indoor activity for kids.

My favorite things to make with my kids are pancakes and cookies, though I want to start baking bread with them and even churning out own butter in small churns.

Build a Fort

I still vividly remember gathering up all the blankets from my home when I was a kid and building my own personal fort during one, particularly snowy winter season.

Just like with the indoor pillow fight, this simple activity is fun for parents too. How long has it been since you made a fort?

I know for me, it had been years until I remembered this time-honored tradition and showed my daughter how to do it.

You can go old fashioned and just grab whatever is around the house, or you can get all fancy with a fort making kit from Amazon. Another option to really splurge is to invest in some giant playsilks you can use.

Create Sensory Bins

My kids love love love sensory bins. I mean, who wouldn’t?

I went over all the details on sensory bins in this post, but to cut to the chase, you fill a bin or box with some sort of filler like rice, oatmeal, beans. Then you add in various items and let the kids go to town with their hands or tools like scoopers.

For example, around Halloween I created sensory bins filled with rice and bunch of skulls, bats, and pumpkins I got at the dollar store.

They will keep kids entertained for soooo long, but one piece of warning… they get messy. So have the vacuum on hand.

What do you think, mama? Will you try one of these? Which of these indoor winter activities for kids makes your must-do list? Share in the comments.

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