3 First Month Pregnancy Tips to Start Off on a Good Foot

3 First Month Pregnancy Tips to Start Off on a Good Foot

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Just found out your pregnant, or maybe wondering if you are? These first month pregnancy tips will help you get started.

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be stressful and also blissful. These are three tips to help you get started at the very beginning, and I’ve also included some affiliate links to products I recommend and love. Rock the early days with these first month pregnancy tips

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Finding out you’re pregnant the first month. When should you test for pregnancy?

Did you know the first month of pregnancy includes two weeks when you weren’t even actually pregnant? Weird, huh?

That’s because your first month of pregnancy and the first trimester begins on the first day of your new menstrual cycle. Then it isn’t generally 10 days to a couple of weeks until you actually ovulate and become pregnant. (For lots of awesome menstrual cycle info, check out this article)

So during your first month of pregnancy, you are probably just finding out that you are in fact pregnant.

In fact, you might not even know that you are pregnant at all during that first month.

Ovulation for most women happens around day 14 of their menstrual cycle, give or a take a couple of days. Once an egg is fertilized it takes a few days for it to get to the uterus and then it will implant.

It is only after implantation that HCG (the pregnancy hormone) starts to rise. It is the HCG that you are testing for when taking a pregnancy test.

So for most women, it will take until around when your period is supposed to start for the HCG to reach a level detectable by a pregnancy test, though for some women it’s soon using more sensitive tests.

This means that even if you are trying to conceive and know you could be pregnant, you still might not be able to tell until after that first month has passed.

Some women also experience implantation bleeding when the egg implants in the uterus, mistaking it for their period. They then don’t find out they are pregnant until the next month’s period is missed.

Best practices for testing

Take it from someone who has peed on dozens of sticks and squinted at every one… just wait.

I could tell in my body that I was pregnant before I could actually get a positive test, but I just couldn’t stop myself from peeing on all the sticks I could get my hands on anyways. It was a huge waste of money and time, to be honest.

It would have been less stressful if I could have just chilled out and waited until around 10 days past ovulation to start testing.

So get yourself a few of the First Response Early Response test, which are my personal favorite along with a bunch of other moms, and just hold off on testing until you are close to your period date. Then try to test with your first pee of the day, as soon as you wake up. This is because the HCG will be most concentrated first thing in the morning.

Be sure to check your results within the testing window in the instructions. Waiting too long can cause you to get a false positive due to evap lines.


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Choose your doctor or midwife and set up your first appointment.

Once you find out you’re pregnant you can go ahead and set up your first prenatal appointment.

Most of the time, this will be around 8 weeks.

Take this time to really think about what kind of healthcare provider and birth you want. It’s honestly never too early to start thinking about your birth plan.

For example, if you know you want a natural birth then you will want to find a healthcare provider who is experienced in natural births and will be supportive. Likewise, if you know you want all the drugs, then you’ll want to find someone who delivers babies in a hospital setting and not something like a birth center.

So many women don’t achieve their birth goals because they choose the wrong people to support them.

Choosing someone who aligns with your goals and who you trust is of the utmost importance in your pregnancy journey. Do some research and consider even interviewing a few different doctors and midwives to see who is a best fit for you.

Most hospitals and birth centers will let you take a tour to get a feel for the vibes.

Start taking prenatals and focus on your health

I’m going to be honest. Not too long after that first month (possibly during) is when you might start getting some of the not so awesome pregnancy symptoms.

Take advantage of this time. You might be feeling pretty good still, which might not be the case once the HCG keeps rising in your body.

Do any last-minute tasks you might not feel up to if you’re puking every day. You might be able to get through your whole first trimester and pregnancy with no bad symptoms, but most women will experience at least some nausea and/or discomfort. So I would plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Also, take a look at the pregnancy do’s and don’ts like what foods to avoid. Then choose some prenatals and start taking them. These are my personal favorites.

Good luck, mama! The first month is exciting and sometimes stressful, but pregnancy is such a fun ride. For some remedies for first trimester morning sickness, check this post out!

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